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The Statue of Liberty stands in the foreground as Lower Manhattan in New York

Italy: Parts Unknows, a New York gathering to discover Italian excellencies

Fernando Napolitano, The Italian Business & Investment Initiative’s Ceo, and the Italian magazine Panorama are joining hands to relaunch the business relationship between Italy and the United States

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Real estate market

Housing, after six tough years, recovery is in the air

Cresme Report 2013: less new construction, more renovation

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Luiss University in Rome

LuissEnlabs and the start-up factory in Rome

The program concept is to jump-start the transformation of an idea into a business, hopefully a successful one

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Geox shoes

Red Bull also “Gives Wings” to Geox

The crisis has put a damper on Geox’s finances. But Mario Moretti Polegato, founder and controlling shareholder has not lost hope and is striking back

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Corrado Passera, Minister for Economic Development

Loans to start-ups, here are the rules

Consob defines the rules on crowdfunding, online loans to innovative businesses, which hopes to collect up to 5 million euros on the portals

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A moment of "Gabriele D'Annunzio, tra amori e battaglie" theatrical performance

D’Annunzio and his sirens, as told by Sylos Labini

The most piquant and sensual episodes of life at D’Annunzio’s villa in the play opening February 9, to be followed by an extensive tour throughout Italy

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Models present creations by Italian designer Donatella Versace

Versace Leaves Switzerland

The fashion brand is leaving the Swiss canton of Ticino to return home rouses curiosity

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Level of unemployement in the seven biggest EU countries.

What Italy needs is a set of reforms

According to Professor Borri Italy will be able to see results only over several years and a new government shoulf push reforms forward and look beyond the length of its term of office

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Piazza Salimbeni, in Siena, and the entrance to the bank at rear left.

Mps: the bank scandal

MPS was thrown in crisis when it emerged that a shady series of derivative and structured finance deals produced huge losses

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Trieste, the Barcolana Boat race in front of Miramare Castle

Trieste is so beautiful, when the person speaking actually knows the city

A film documentary by Elisabetta Sgarbi explores this oft-forgotten city on Italy’s eastern border. Packed with art and culture

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