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Italian business, get a job

Youth unemployment is at an all-time high, and yet companies are in search of thousands of people. What’s going wrong? Here is an instruction manual for a market that is tough, but not impossible

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Start ups, with Fulbright Best you can

A lot of good news and incentives to help young Italian people do business

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Italian welfare minister Elsa Fornero flunks

The axe will fall on project contracts, temporary contracts and freelancers with V.A.T. Because the reform has made flexible contracts more complicated, costly and unmanageable. As 4 large companies explain.

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Ben Bernanke, number one of the Federal Reserve

America is going to have to do something about its debt too

Thanks to a central bank without limitations, the families’ accounts have improved, but the foundations of the economy are still weak. Washington has only gained time

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Carlo Boroli President of Briko – an enthusiastic sportsman who actively practices skiing, hiking and cycling.

Color your sports world a rainbow

10,000 different color combinations for customized helmets and goggles. This will soon be possible thanks to a new project from Briko company. Which is also looking to expand in France, Austria and China

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Davide Apollo, expelled from the Anglo-Saxon firm of DLP Piper

Above all, rules

Italy’s largest firms take a new look at governance. With organizational structures different from the old models based on the charisma of their founders

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Silvia Bossi

Study (and do business) in the US free

Here’s no excuse. Today, those with talent who want to work have the tools they need to get ahead

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This McCafe is McGood

Slow, green and above all tied to the most traditional of Italian beverages. Roberto Masi explains why this fast food giant is launching new cafés with an unusual philosophy

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Containerstapel - Container

Major maneuvering on the docks

From Gioia Tauro to Genoa, leading shipowners are getting together. To avoid being left out of the routes leaving from the Far East for Europe

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Silvio Berlusconi hands the bell used to open the meetings of the Cabinet to the new Prime Minister Mario Monti

Monti has rediscovered liberal reforms (but don’t tell anyone)

Brunetta’s streamlining, Gelmini’s meritocracy in universities, the will to reform the labor market: the government is moving along pre-existing tracks

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