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A "salumiere", a shop keeper of a salami shop shows two different Italian salamis

Florence, Bologna and Rome among the best international cities for food

Italy is the most represented country in the American ranking

by Claudia Astarita

Italian Chef Enrico Crippa drinks a Lavazza Coffee

The secrets of Italian chef Enrico Crippa

Why successful chefs need to be curious, smart and clever

by Claudia Astarita

A visitor uses a tablet dispalyed past the model of a smart city

The Italian smart cities revolution

Italian transition towards an innovative model

by Claudia Astarita

Hair Artist Guy Tang participating to an OP Cosmetics event

OP Cosmetics: a successful business story “made in Sicily”

How Italy is innovating the “hair concept”

by Claudia Astarita

A wedding

Why foreigners get married in Italy

History, cultural beauties and local cuisine are behind Italy’s appeal

by Claudia Astarita

The Tina generator

TINA: a sustainable way to heat buildings

The Italian innovative generator with zero emission

by Claudia Astarita

Chinese students

Why Chinese students learn Italian

Learn more about fashion, design, technology, agri-food and arts are the key driver for Italian classes success

by Claudia Astarita


Italy: a new regime for foreign incomes

A flat rate tax of €100,000 to attract wealthy non-residents

by Claudia Astarita

Kartell lamp creations are displayed during Milan's annual furniture fair

Italy and desing: a success story

A springboard towards innovation and internationalization

by Claudia Astarita

A doctor's assistant prepares a 11-month-old for a vaccine

European Networks of Reference for Rare Diseases

A new European achievement in medical care

by Claudia Astarita