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A new step forward in the fight against cancer

An Italian team contributed to identifying the genetic fusion constituting the basis of 3% of glioblastomas, the most aggressive kind of brain tumours

by Claudia Astarita

Michelangelo's David

The Cinquecento in Florence. From Michelangelo and Pontormo to Giambologna

A retrospective devoted to the art of the 16th century

by Claudia Astarita

Egyptian hieroglyphs

Italy launches “The Hieroglyphics Initiative”

Exploring the mysteries of Ancient Egypt thanks to artificial intelligence

by Claudia Astarita

Caravaggio's "Sacrifice of Isaac"

Inside Caravaggio, an incredible exhibition in Milan

A retrospective enabling the audience to follow and discover the artist’s journey from his initial thoughts to the final achievement for every canvas

by Claudia Astarita

SmartIsland platform

SmartIsland: when innovation involves agriculture

The ground-breaking contribution of a Sicilian stratup

by Claudia Astarita

A fountain in the Reggia di Caserta garden

Caserta: a virtuous example for the use of confiscated assets

How the State can intervene to support local communities

by Claudia Astarita

Skiers make their way thrugh Plan de Gralba on the Sella Ronda tour in the Dolomite SuperSki region

Dolomites: the perfect winter holiday

No matter which slope you choose, your ski and snowboard wishes definitely will come true

by Claudia Astarita

The Estense Castle in Ferrara

Welcome to Ferrara, another UNESCO World Heritage wonder

The Estense Castle and the Abbey of Pomposa among the most famous tourists’ attractions

by Claudia Astarita

Chef Davide Oldani's Bergamotto

The Bergamotto’s revival in POP Cuisine

Italy relaunching and ancient healthy and tasty fruit

by Claudia Astarita

Children reading books

The “New School” of the youngest Italian principal

Valeria Cagnina is a 16 years old with a clear goal: convincing young students that everything is possible

by Claudia Astarita