Airbnb, three properties in Italy among the most desired ones

A mini loft in Rome, and two treehouses in Monferrato and Tuscany

A treehouse
A treehouse (Credits: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Everybody knows Airbnb as the most famous website for listing, finding and renting a property. At the moment, the company can offer more than two million in over 34,000 cities located in 190 different countries.

Recently, Airbnb released the top ten of its “most wanted” locations, and three Italian properties made the list. A mini loft in Rome, and two treehouses: one in San Salvatore Monferrato (Alessandria) and the other in Tuscany.

Airbnb top ten includes also houses in California, Bali, Canada, Mexico and Georgia. Considering that this ranking includes three treehouses and several cottages with rounded shapes, it is evident that the majority of Airbnb costumers are fascinated by strange accommodations.

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