Cascata delle Marmore, the enchanting waterfall

A wonderful location widely celebrated in Italian literature

The Marmore Waterfall seen from a cave
The Marmore Waterfall seen from a cave (Credits: ANSA / US 165m Marmore Falls - Gestione dei Servizi Turistici della Cascata delle Marmore)

Not many people know that the famous Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore Waterfall) in the Umbria region is an artificial structure originally created by the Romans to contain the floods of the river Velino, which used to create stagnant pools in the surrounding lowlands.

The first mention of the Marmore Falls in the history of literature goes back to the Roman period: Virgilio, in the VII book of the Aeneid, referred it “to a valley of dark forests and between the woods a river that rumbles and falls through great rocky masses ”.
Also Dante Alighieri in the XX song of the paradise writes: “seem to hear a murmur of a river – that falls bright from stone to stone”.

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