Renovo: a joint effort to sustain the Italian areas affected by the earthquake

New input for seismic adjustment for works of art and historic buildings, archaeology, plant and road building

Earthquake in Italy
Earthquake in Italy (Credits: Ivan Romano/Getty Images)

Renovo is the first network counting 70 construction companies, which decided to join forces to rebuild those areas affected by the 2016 and 2017 earthquakes. Renovo aims to play a major role in the reconstruction process, seismic adjustment for works of art and historic buildings, archaeology, plant and road building. Renovo network has all the necessary competences to carry out this hard but necessary task for affected areas in central Italy.

Gianluca Natale, co-creator of the initiative, declared that the project was born from the need to put together the different experiences and technical skills of the experts in the construction sector by binding them in the network. Renovo also aims to facilitate the long bureaucratic procedures, to increase the employment rates in the construction sector and to start a sustainable reconstruction process using specific eco-friendly materials.

In its ambitious and noble project, Renovo is assisted by Rubner Holzbau, a leader in seismic resistant buildings. Claudio Rustioni, CEO at Rubner Holzbau has stressed the expertise of his company in producing wooden buildings and houses for a dwelling, public and commercial use tested to resist even the most severe seismic events. The Rubner Group has been in active in the field for more than 40 years and works besides Renovo to spread and promote the culture of “building well” using wood as a material which best responds to the current needs of security, precision and reliability.

Also architect Paolo Capriotti, another co-creator of the initiative, has enthusiastically commented on the network, which is “made up of companies from the areas affected by the earthquake both to strengthen territorial identities and to support the resumption of economic activities”. The main idea is to promote a new kind of construction, respectful of the environment and of the territory, which is also able to improve the quality of life of the locals.

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